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Shorter cut sides for hot weather use. Face and neck stay cool for all day usage. Stays in place with wide adjustable nose clip. Nose slides down neck for easy eating access. Ear slots for extreme comfort. Make sure you stop wet infectious respiratory particles by wearing this patented SMART Tiers dual layer mask! The tubular design, with it soft inner polymer/cotton outer layers, protects you from 98% incoming moisture-particles. Unfinished top and bottom edge.


  • SMART Tiers wicking polymer-cotton material
  • Washable and reusable
  • White and assorted colors
  • Most comfortable / soft / breathable
  • Sewn-in HD Comfortable 3½”x⅜″ flat nose clip for safety – Won’t slip down nose
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Civic use; certification underway
  • Stay cool
  • Less sweat
  • White perfect for personal decoration and crafts
  • Glasses won’t fog
  • Ear slit for comfort and stability
  • Call for printing or quantity pricing.

SMART Tiers® Mini-Gaiter Mask 4-Pack