Comfortable masks you can wear all day.


There is a major need for comfortable, breathable face masks in our country right now, and we have the solution. Protect yourself and others by wearing a SMART Tiers® AllDayMask!

SMART Tiers® Masks are WASHABLE & REUSABLE.  Save money and time with the most comfortable mask on the market.

SMART Tiers® (Sweat Management And Removal Technology) fabric was originally for exercise apparel; a proprietary combination of fibers that wick moisture to one side inherently without harmful chemicals. We’ve taken this fabric and turned it into our most popular mask. The mask is breathable, traps incoming moisture particles, wicks inner moisture, discourages the wearer from touching their face, prevents glasses from fogging up, and, best of all, can be worn comfortably all day. These masks are easy  to pull down for eating and drinking.  They have been tested on adults and children and it can be worn continuously throughout your day. Nelson Labs .1 micron particle tests shows that they offer protection comparable to N95 masks. [Nelson Report]

We also carry a disposable pleated masks!


Protect YOURSELF and OTHERS from Coughs, Sneezes, and Saliva!


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This is our best mask. Hemmed top and bottom, all masks coming off the line are the new summer sleek-style masks.

A great un-hemmed mask.  New summer sleek-style masks.

White masks are perfect for personal decoration and crafts!

Incredibly soft ear loops make this mask easy to put on and take off. 

Our frugal, but reusable mask.

Disposable masks are packed in boxes of 5 plastic bags of 10 masks.

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